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Our Mission

The Robbinsville Education Foundation's mission is to support all Robbinsville students in academic excellence and encourage a love of lifelong learning. 


The Foundation strives to educate parents and others about this strong link between successful schools and a thriving community. 



The Robbinsville Education Foundation, Inc. (REF) established in 1998, is a 501(c) (3) organization dedicated to enhancing the educational experience of the students who attend the Robbinsville Public Schools. REF is supported entirely by contributions of volunteer time and donations from individuals, area businesses, corporations, and foundations.


REF can assist school personnel in seeking grants, endowments and other contributions from individuals, corporations, foundations and local, state and federal governments, their agencies or commissions.

The R.E.F. is funded entirely by individual, business, or foundation contributions to enhance experiences for children in Robbinsville Public Schools. Founded in 1998, the foundation has funded a variety of innovative projects, including core support for the districts award-winning robotics program. The heart of the R.E.F.'s annual activity is the mini-grant program; these small awards to individual classroom teachers fund supplies or curriculum materials to try new or advanced teaching methods.

REF is a proud member of:

The Center for Non Profits of NJ

The NJ Education Foundation Partnership

If you are interested in learning more about the Foundation, or have an interest in joining the Board of Trustees or the Advisory Council, please email us at:

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